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  Pearl of the Adriatic

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David and Debra visit the delightful Adriatic resort with a long turbulent history. Once part of the Venetian empire, it fought off the Ottomans, yet let Napoleon's troops in. Croatia then became part of Yugoslavia after WW1, and struggled free in 1991. The city has its fair share of earthquakes too!

This film is part of a twenty-two episode "Footloose in Europe" television series for international distribution ...see Broadcast 
Original music by Barnaby Smith



Sparkling Seas and Blue Skies
The film is introduced by Jelka Tepsic, Director of Tourism, who enthusiastically describes her hometown as the "Pearl of the Adriatic". It is early May when Dave and I step off a boat at the harbour and fishing port of Gruz... We set out to walk around the Lapad Peninsula with its fine hotels and beaches. After about 7km we take in the classic, inimitable first look at Dubrovnik Old Town from the massive ramparts of the St Lawrence Fortress... one of five guarding the city. 
This spectacular medieval walled city is as breathtaking today as it was before the damage caused by shelling in Croatia's Homeland War in 1991, when it broke free from former Yugoslavia. Jelka invites the visitor to walk the entire circuit of the city wall battlements and glimpse life in the living monument below. Old Town life looks so inviting, we decide to break off half way round the walls to visit the polished limestone streets. We meet City Guide Vesna Gamulin, who tells of the magnificent Rector's Palace, and later the fascinating Franciscan Monastery, with its 14th century pharmacy.  

Perfect Restoration
The city's red- tiled roofs give an appearance of freshness to the ancient buildings, and two Directors for the Institute for Restoration  tell us exactly how they repaired their city to its former glory, not just from the Homeland War but after a large earthquake in 1979.  Centuries before in 1667, much of the city was rebuilt as we see it today after a colossal earthquake.
Our report contains special archive film taken during the Yugoslavian period.  

After witnessing a traditional wedding procession through the streets, Dave and I continue our circuit of the city wall with more breathtaking views: sparkling seas and peerless blue skies are the backdrop to this jewel in Croatia’s crown. We finish with a boat trip to the nearby island and nature reserve of Lokrum, to look back on the wonderful city.

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Also included in the Footloose in Dubrovnik DVD is a bonus chapter with a Three-island boat cruise along the magnificent Dalmatian Coast.