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  12 of our Footloose City Films
in a 4-disc set

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Debra and her cameraman husband David have produced their 'Footloose' films over a number of years and have decided to make a compilation for both 'armchair' walkers and travellers looking for inspiration for their next holiday. This set of 12 cities makes a great gift.
These films have been developed into a 22-part "Footloose in Europe" television series for international distribution
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Original music by Barnaby Smith

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We start off in the east of Europe with three magnificent and spirited city trails through wonderful architecture.  Although the fall of communism was over 20 years ago there are numerous interesting museums and statues reflecting a time when each place was very difficult to visit behind the iron curtain. 


We discover the beautiful Hungarian twin spa cities, Buda and Pest, beside the magnificent Danube and walk through the elegant streets and grand avenues, going deep underground to experience the mysterious labyrinth under the castle. Dave and I take a look at City Park which is a favourite with tourists and locals a like. We also make a side trip to see Stalin's boots at the ironic communist Statue Park!


Begins with a panoramic view of the five separate towns of the Czech capital. From Petrin Park, we walk through the city's untouched streets, marveling at the wonderful mix of original architecture and visit the famous Pinkas Synagogue and Jewish cemetery to reflect on the city's tortured past in WW2. We tread through the colourful Old Town, across Charles Bridge and finish up at Hradcany, the grand castle. We make a side trip to U Fleku and sample the beer of this 500-year old Brew-pub!


Our Polish city trail starts in the University Botanical Gardens then on into the Old Town. Originally a  medieval walled city Krakow has many hidden treasures in its streets. We stroll across the gigantic market square with its original Cloth Hall, then on to Wawel Castle, before travelling back 30 years in a Trabant time-machine to the planned communist town of Nowa Huta and its steelworks that was a "gift" from Lenin to the Polish people. Our host is Crazy Qba.


We lead you through the colourful streets of this beautiful Spanish city. Starting at Gaudi's amazing Guell Park, we take the Modernism walking trail to Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila... then down the vibrant and entertaining Ramblas, through the beautiful Gothic Quarter and up to Montjuic. I talk to local expert Maria Albacar about Barcelona and its fascinating history. The city seems to have everything ...and a beach! Another memorable visit to a lovely city. 


This colourful and wonderfully preserved Bavarian city has a remarkable 2000-year-old history. The old town is famous for its patrician towers reminiscent of Italian merchants'  houses. Our trail through the narrow and pedestrianised streets takes us to the Royal Thurn and Taxis Palace, monastery, the Roman walls and then down to the Alte Kapelle with Pope Benedictine's famous church organ. After this St Peter's Cathedral, and the two town halls!  We arrive at the Steinernebrücke, the oldest bridge in Germany... 850 years old!


This delightful Adriatic resort and heavily fortified old town has a long turbulent history. Once part of the Venetian empire, it fought off the Ottomans, yet let Napoleon's troops in. Croatia then became part of Yugoslavia after WW1, and struggled free in 1991. The city has its fair share of earthquakes too! We walk from the Lapad peninsula through the city gates and round the walls. Highlights are visits to the Franciscan Monastery, Rector's Palace, and Dubrovnik's Restoration Office.
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Historically and cuturally rich, the medieval city lies between two mountains, on the river Salzach. We explore the old streets and fortress to experience its long history. Later we talk to the Artistic Director of Salzburg's world-famous marionette theatre, and a Chocolatier whose famous family business is still making the reknowned 'Mozart Balls'. Mozart was born here, the 'Sound of Music' was filmed here and the prestigious Salzburg Festival are all testaments to the city's unique musical history.


We take you through the streets, alleys and canals of the most photogenic city in the world, absorbing its unique culture and history. The Rialto markets at dawn; an eventful gondola ride; St. Mark's Square; a fascinating interview with a famous mask-maker; glass-blowing at Murano and much more make this visit to the fabled city in the lagoon a memorable journey. Surprisingly, in the evening crowds have vanished, and is probably the best time to see Venice.


Lucerne lies at the geographical heart of Switzerland; medieval bridges span the river Reuss and palaces, churches and spires fill the skyline. Dave and I walk the ancient streets and climb up to the city walls and towers. The pretty old town has curious attractions like the Glacier Garten, the Dying Lion Monument and the Bourbaki Panorama. We take a nostalgic steamship cruise on its wide blue lake, which is cradled by magnificent mountain scenery. 
A visit to the world famous Swiss Transport Museum brings together Switzerland's unique and special modes of transport.


Dave and I start at the once aristocratic seaside suburb of Kadriorg, and its Palace. Across the bay you can see the spires of Tallin's old town and the huge cruise liners bringing thousands of visitors across the Baltic Sea to its deepest and best ice-free port. We enter the magnificent medieval walled city, and follow a delightful haphazard trail through the Upper and Lower Towns. Superb Hanseatic merchants' houses rise above a web of cobbled streets and in one such house we find Pille Kivihall, who tells us about her gothic workshops. Three fascinating museums are visited: Museum of Occupation, the Maritime and History Museum.


Our walking trail starts at the grand Central Railway Station, which is the hub of Amsterdam's extensive canal network. We explore the Damrak, the infamous Red Light District and Chinatown. Stepping out across Dam Square past the Royal Palace, we cross streets, canals and bridges to reach the atmospheric Anne Frank House. With a stop at the famous flower market we head towards the famous Museumplein and visit the Coster Diamond Factory. Here we are shown how these fabulous stones are cut and polished. We pass many distinctive town houses, to reach Oosterdok... the historic berth for many voyages and rich cargoes from the East


Ireland's capital has a long history right from the Vikings to independence from British rule. Dave and I begin our Dublin trail on the banks of the river Liffey. First stop is the No.1 tourist attraction: the Guinness Storehouse where I learn to pull a perfect pint. Our walk continues, first to historic O'Connell Street and then Trinity College.  Next is the castle where we are shown round the magnificent State Rooms.  After this we pass the two Cathedrals and into the Georgian area with Merrion Square and the Parliament building. As a finale, we take a ride on a  60-year old American DUKW amphibious vehicle! Lynn the Red is our host as this amazing machine plunders the streets of Dublin and finally takes a dip in the Grand Canal Basin!
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